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Our mission is to provide our clients with opportunities to connect with people of diverse cultures and witness how small interaction can lead to big changes in how we view the world and our role within it. 

Meet Our Owner

  • In 2015, I purchased the agency I was working in, and in 2016 I embarked on a trip that would change my outlook yet again. As his high school graduation gift, my son, wanted to hike the Inca Trail. He had friends, as well as, parents who asked to join us, and this resulted in organizing and leading my first "small-group" tour. Tackling the Inca Trail was the most psychologically and physically challenging thing I’d ever done. The bonding effect on the group was incredible, and it was on that trip I discovered my "why."

  • After Peru, my vision for the agency shifted.  I decided I wanted to focus more on my small-group tours. I wanted others to have the opportunity to bond, like I had, with like-minded individuals and to experience the same type of "aha moments" I had. I wanted to help others find their "why."

  • I returned to Peru and hiked the trail with a second group the following year. The experience solidified what I had learned with the first group; travel is a powerful learning tool that breaks down barriers between individuals and creates unbreakable bonds.


A Silver Lining...

As I continued to lead group tours, my vision was coming to fruition, slowly. My dream was to create a completely separate groups-only travel division within my agency; however, I was so busy planning individual trips, it was always on the backburner, and then in 2020, the world stopped.

Lock-downs and quarantine due to Covid-19, presented me with the perfect opportunity to focus on my vision. Just like my breast cancer diagnosis, the pandemic became a silver-lining, and Find Your Why Travel is finally here. 

Meet the Team

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