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Trisha Nichols

Trisha began her career in the travel industry 45 years ago in Wyoming. After working for a leisure-only travel agency, she moved on to Arizona and California where she worked corporate and collegiate travel in addition to arranging leisure vacations. Trisha currently lives in Oregon, and for the last 15 years she has had her own home-based travel agency and has enjoyed a professional affiliation with Alegre Travel. Trisha takes delight in all styles of travel and especially enjoys traveling with family and friends. She believes there is a perfect vacation for everyone and loves nothing more than working with people to find that vacation. With a love of history, Europe is her favorite destination, but it is a big world out there and Trisha plans to visit as much of it as possible. There have been many changes in the travel industry since Trisha began her career, 45 years ago. Every change has been a challenge, every change has been an adventure and Trisha looks forward to navigating the future changes within our industry with optimism. Trisha’s joy in travel remains strong, and she looks forward to the new possibilities and experiences working with Find Your Why Travel is sure to bring.

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