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  • What is Find Your Why Travel (FYW)?
    FYW’s small group department is focused on facilitating lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals through travel. We want travelers to understand even the smallest interactions, whether it be with fellow travelers or individuals from other countries, can have a big impact on our well-being. FYW is about finding your purpose in life — it’s about recognizing our differences and understanding that, although we are all different in many ways, we are all very much the same. Each person you meet can teach you something about culture, history, and human connection. These small lessons are like pieces of a puzzle. Once pieced together, these lessons begin to reveal a much bigger picture that helps us understand how, and where, we fit in to this world. FYW trips practice sustainable tourism. This means that we focus on: Leaving a small carbon footprint Spending money where it’s needed (staying in locally owned/family-run accommodations rather than a large hotel chain, etc)
  • What types of vacations do you book?
    Find Your Why Travel specializes in a wide variety of travel types! Our agents are well versed in booking... All-inclusive vacations Mexico& Caribbean trips Hawaii vacations European vacation packages European group packages South America trips Tropical ocean cruises Alaska cruises and cruise tours Canada New England cruises Mediterranean cruises Transatlantic cruises Wedding packages Vow Renewal trips Honeymoon packages Family reunions Corporate trips ...and so much more!
  • Why should I book my trip with your agency?
    There's a few reasons why our clients book with us. The number one reason why is because we make travel easier for our clients. When we are approached with a trip idea, our agents have experience a wide variety of destinations and are able to plan the trip based on trusty-worthy advice. We save our clients time and stress when it comes to embarking on the types of adventures they are seeking. Sometimes, we even save them money because they would have otherwise spent more elsewhere! Our clients also love the convenience of working with a direct source to manage the details their trip. Our innovative website helps them book fast, manage their trip, and stay in contact with us.
  • What's the booking process for vacations?
    When you want to book with us, simply request a trip through our website. Once we get some details about your travel ideas, our agents will craft a trip package for you based on your travel preferences. When we've found the right trip for you, your trip can be booked with a deposit. If payment in full is not required (based on time until trip start date), your final payment date will be determined at this time. Payments can be made through your final payment date. The final payment date is firm and cannot be adjusted. From the time you book until the time you travel, we'll keep a careful eye on your trip details and be sure to keep you in the loop of any things you need to know. Your agent will prepare your travel documents and confirmations, and cover any important details of travel a few weeks before your trip. At the time of your trip, we'll be standing-by to help you in times of need! When you return home for your trip, we'll check in to be sure your vacation went as expected!
  • Do I pay extra by using a travel agent?
    In short, the answer is NO you won't pay extra by using a travel agent. Our travel agency makes a small commission from our travel partners who would others profit the commission themselves, or give to an online booking agency. By booking with us, you support our small business and keep our travel dreams alive. We create travel packages based on your needs when planning the trip. If travel components were purchased piece by piece, the travelers could pay more by the end of the trip. Our agency isn't paid until after you travel. We invest in our clients as much as they invest in us, too!
  • Why group travel?
    Diversity. On an FYW group trip, people of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics are brought together by a love of travel. Unique Experiences. Traveling with a group and utilizing local guides will always guarantee you an experience that a solo traveler would not get. Your guides are filled with knowledge, interesting tidbits and special local highlights that you cannot find in a guidebook. FYW Offers: Survivor Trips Family Trips Girl’s Getaways Active Walking/Hiking Trips River Cruises Small-Ship Ocean Cruises
  • What is a group trip?
    Find Your Why Travel has a mission to make incredible bucket list experiences accessible for our friends, family, friends-of-friends, and clients. We are passionate about bringing people together to celebrate life and take amazing adventures. Our group trips are organized bucket list itineraries that are open invite, meaning anyone can sign up! The trips are outlined on our Small Group Trips page. The group trip and its details can be found on each itinerary! To sign up, click the coordinating button. Included in the group trip is usually... Sometimes flights, depending on the package Hotel Accommodations Tour Bus and Driver Some Attraction Admissions Some Breakfasts Each group trip is different based on destination and package, but our overall goal is to accomplish a set list of things to do. Our group can come together and accomplish destination goals together, but each individually enjoy our vacation and take some time for ourselves, too.
  • What can I Expect on a Find Your Why group trip?
    Less Stress: All of the details of the trip are handled for you — just show up and enjoy the adventure. Life-long friends and relationships. 90% of people who travel in groups will travel again with someone they met on a group trip. Expect the unexpected. Things will never go exactly as planned, but those unexpected twists make the best memories and forge lasting bonds with your new-found friends. A-ha moments. As you get to know your group, everyone’s unique viewpoints bring out deep discussions and personal discovery.
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