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Amy Shinsel

Amy has worked with Find Your Why Travel for five years. She has been traveling abroad since she was five years old and has developed a lifelong passion for travel as a result. She started out planning vacations for her family and friends, then the family business, and finally found her home here at Find Your Why Travel. She specializes in ocean cruising and loves to cruise with her husband and three children every year. She has lived in Hawaii and Alaska and traveled extensively in those areas to find off the beaten path unique experiences. Her favorite type of vacation is a warm beach vacation where she can be relax and scuba dive! Other countries she has visited are the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and many islands throughout the Caribbean. She has visited a large portion of the US as well.  You can reach Amy through her website or you can email her directly.

Let's Connect

To talk about travel and exciting trip opportunities, let's connect by email or phone. 

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