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Giving Back

Be the conduit - collect something to give to someone who needs it. People want to help; they just need a place to direct their compassion.
                                                      ~Bruce Poon Tip~

We Believe in Responsible Tourism and Conservation

FYW builds in a per person, donation to every trip, all of which goes directly to a conservation or community-based organization.

To help you feel more connected to the impact of your generosity, here’s some information about the organizations that receive your donation:

Pack for a Purpose


Drop-off or Pickup: It’s not always practical for individuals to actually travel to the schools they have packed for, which is why PFAP has partnered with different resorts and travel companies to work as a drop-off and delivery point. You can either leave supplies at a drop-off point, or a delivery person can come to your accommodations and pick up the supplies.

FYW’s Connection to Pack For a Purpose
In 2017, Sam embarked on a small-ship cruise throughout the Sea of Cortez. On that cruise, she met the founder of an organization called Pack for a Purpose. The idea behind PFAP was that clients could make a big difference in the world by taking advantage of the small extra spaces in their suitcases. Sam loved this brilliantly simple idea and couldn’t wait to be a part of it. In keeping with FYW’s core value of helping others, we now partner with PFAP to help our clients make a difference in the world as they travel.


Pack Suitcase with Supplies: PFAP encourages individuals to utilize all of the weight and space in their luggage by packing much-needed items. For instance, if you are traveling to Peru and your packed suitcase only weighs 40 pounds, why not use the additional 10 pounds that you’re allowed to have to deliver school supplies to a cash-strapped school?



Reducing Poverty Worldwide: Established in 2003 by the founder of a global adventure travel company, Planeterra Foundation is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation and emergency response. Planeterra is the leading community tourism organization working to reduce poverty around the world.



We at FYW love the Planeterra Foundation because it is focused on supporting the travel and tourism industry, particularly local guides and their families.

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