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Review: Panama Jack's Resort Cancun

The Panama Jack Resort in Cancun stole my heart the second I set foot in the lobby. This resort was like "coming home" for me. If I were to have ever built a resort of my own, I imagine it would have turned out just like this one. From the airplane at the front entrance, to the check-in counter created from suitcases in the open-air lobby and the license plates used as room number markers...the "vibe" of this place was all me. Here's what I liked and what I didn't like (which wasn't much) about the Panama Jack Resort Cancun.


  • The huge open-air lobby

  • The "vibe" and/or "theme" of the resort

  • The food was very good, particularly the breakfast buffet.

  • The "details"-the travel quotes everywhere, license plates used as room number markers.

  • The service was great.

  • The wifi was strong.

  • The beach was adequate. Smaller than the Hard Rock and Live Aqua, but it wasn't enough to deter me from enjoying it.

  • The pottery stand where you were allowed to pick your own pieces of potter, paint them yourselves and the individuals who manned the stand would fire them for you and return them to you the next day. This was for sure a hit...for children and adults alike!


  • The resort is a little "dated" and could use a little TLC in some places. Might be just a little bit over-priced for this reason.

  • The prices in the gift-shop were exorbitant.

  • This really isn't a "con", but if you're interested in "adults-only", this isn't the place for you. This is a family resort and it's obvious the families love it. They do have a side they consider "adults-only", but most of the kids were in the adult-pool with the parents rather than in the kiddie-pool.

  • Another thing that isn't really a "con", you'll likely want to take a taxi in to town (if you wish to go in to town). It is only a five-minute ride; however, so you technically could walk if you didn't mind something a bit longer than a stroll to get back and forth.

Overall Impression: I wouldn't have a problem staying at this resort again. Great resort for families with multi-bedroom beachfront villas. The wifi was good, and I was able to get plenty of work done from my room, which was nice. Only two of their restaurants are open due to Covid so had we stayed longer than four nights, we may have felt the need to venture out for something different. However, there is a lobster farm and restaurant directly across the street from the resort called Lorenzillos...if you like lobster, this restaurant is a must while you're visiting. Quite frankly, you should probably hit this restaurant even if you're staying at another resort-it will be worth it!

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